CareRecord™: A Platform That Delivers
EHR, Billing, and Clinical Workflows
for Health and Human Services

Care Delivery is your calling and the heart of your organizations mission. At Netsmart our CareRecord platform supports, improves and augments your care delivery process seamlessly across all level of care. Each CareRecord Solution mirrors continuum of care models and core workflows of our behavioral health, addiction treatment and social services community partners. Successfully partnered on care delivery, we –Netsmart and our client partners-will profoundly impact the care delivery processes, outcomes and the lives we collectively serve.

Behavioral Sciences

Public Health

Private Practice

• Automated Orders for Lab, Diet, Seclusion/Restraint
• Utilization Review
• Discharge Planning
• Design Tools
• Business Development
• Environmental Management
• Quality Management
• ePrescribing
• eSignature


• Electronic Health Record
• CPOE/eMAR/Bar Coding
• Group Scheduling
• Group and Individual Notes
• Comprehensive Customizable Treatment Planning
   - Integrated Clinical Summary
   - Initial Treatment Plan
   - Multi-Disciplinary Master Treatment Plan
   - Treatment Plan Reviews
• Bed Management
• Staff/Patient Assessments
• Physician Certification/Recertification
• Infection Control

For more information on these, or any of our other CareFabric solutions, contact us or call 1.800.472.5509.

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